Functional Orthonomie and Integration
Training Institute for FOI GbR

FOI : Therapy concept


The FOI is an independent holistic therapy concept focusing on osteopathic and manual therapy. It is based on over 25 years of accumulated practical experience concerning therapy and more than 150,000 treatments. This significant scientific accumulation of empirical evidence and experience plays a very important role for us.

The FOI is a therapy developed from the practice for the practice.

The FOI is based on the assumption that a problem that has arisen in the bodies muscularskeletal system requires a compensation behavioral response. Practical experience shows that these compensation mechanisms are distributed through out the body, always in a relatively defined pattern. For this reason, recognition of these compensation mechanisms is always relevant.

Experience indicates that this compensation system should be given the highest priority corncernig treatment associated with the quick and effective elimination of problems and pain.

To limit focus of treatment soley on the central area of pain and discomfort is discouraged under FOI guidelines. In most cases, there are usually connections and underlying causes that should also be examined.