Functional Orthonomie and Integration
Training Institute for FOI GbR


Terms and Conditions for Training at the Int. Training Institute for FOI ( FOI Institute )

  1. General

    All services within the framework of the course program are subject to these " General Terms and Conditions for Functional Osteopathy and Integration, "FOI GbR " .

  2. Registration and Confirmation

    Course bookings are made via a written application by the perspective participant. Applications made by phone are processed through an electronic data exchange system and seating reservations are confirmed by the FOI Institute . Once the deposit in the amount of €100 euros is received, seating reservations are given confirmation. The number of participants is limited. If the participants desired appointment is not avaiable, upon request,the reservation will be transfered to the next available course date or to the desired replacement date. The participant will receive a written confirmation from the FOI Institute.

  3. Dates

    The course dates are binding if they are confirmed in writing by the FOI Institute. The FOI Institute reserves the right to cancel classes at least 10 days before the course starts . The FOI Institute annouces this course cancellation without delay, while offering an alternative date or an alternative course. Short-term cancellations due to unforeseen circumstances are not effected . Course fees already paid will be refunded to the participant. Further claims by the subscriber associated with the FOI institution are not applicable.

  4. Cancellations by Participants

    Cancellations by participants are not associated with costs, if they are made six weeks before the course starts . If you cancel after this six week time period, the deposit of 100 euros will be retained as a handling fee.

  5. Course Times

    The course times are communicated to the student with the course confirmation . Educational training which can not be received by the participant due to illness or other reasons , will not be issued a refund.

  6. Course Fees

    At the time of course registration the current price list is used as a valid reference. The course fees do not include travel or housing costs. The course fees are payable immediately upon receipt of invoice.

  7. Copyright

    Course materials contain proprietary information . All rights pertaining to translation, reprinting and duplication of course materials, or parts thereof, remain reserved. No part of the course material may be reproduced in any form without the prior permission of the publisher or reproduced in any manner.

  8. Claims for Damages

    The organizers are not liable for the accuracy and application of the conveyed teaching content by the instructor. The FOI Institute is not liable for direct or indirect damage, such as consequential loss, financial loss or loss of profits, arising in connection with willful or grossly negligent conduct as it concerns implementation of the of the course materials, for whatever reason.

  9. Disclaimer

    Student study and pratice in the conference rooms is done at your own risk. Using demonstrations and exercises on fellow students and participants is done at your own risk and peril. Claims for damages based on whatever legal reason against the teachers and the organizers are, unless attributable to gross negligence or where malicious intent is present, are excluded. Additionally, students who injure a third party during study or demonstration, liabilities remain unaffected.

  10. Others

    Meppen retains jurisdiction for all perfromance related disputes.